TextDistil is a powerful utility for manipulating text.

Use regular expressions, text operations, and .Net library functions to filter, transform, and explore large quantities of text interactively. Stop wasting time with throwaway scripts and take advantage of TextDistils built in cookbook to store and reuse your favourite regex recipes.

Best of all, TextDistil is completely free for personal use.

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Fully interactive - see the results of your changes as you make them

Full regex support - use simple literal strings or powerful regex constructions to search and transform text

.Net methods - use methods like DateTime.Add to adjust timestamps

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Getting started

It takes only a few minutes to start using TextDistil productively and once you do you'll wonder how you got by without it.

No more editor-console-editor roundtrips as you try to get that regex just right!

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Read more about how to use TextDistil, how regular expressions and other operations work, and how to accomplish advanced tasks.

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Contact: support@TextDistil.com